A Higher Perspective on Defensiveness

Defensiveness underneath it all is unworthiness.

Defensiveness is a trigger to remind you to go within.

You still don’t deeply accept that you are worthy as you are, because you are.

If you did there would be no defensiveness only compassion for their unknowing.

For you would have the knowing that they do not,

that your worth is not in your work, or your tasks, or even your results.

When you truly know this as deeply as you know that you exist,

you will not need your defensive protection.

You exist, you are breathing, you are worthy.

These statements are all as equally true.

You are worthy because you are, because you are, because you are.

You are worthy of love because you are.

The love you crave is always near, you must just let down your defensiveness to feel it.

Do you see the paradox?

You want to feel loved so you do your best work, and when there is criticism or questioning you feel defensive and put up your wall so as to not get hurt.

Then that wall blocks the love, and you feel lower still,

so you think you’re not worthy because you didn’t do perfect work.

When you’ve got it all wrong, you’ve got it all backwards, dear one.

You must only exist without defenses or walls,

and receive all the love you could ever withhold, just by sitting open and exposed.

That’s when you are told of the worth you have within you,

and how much we love you for it.

Not for your work, or productivity or any other story you created.

Just. Because. You. Are.

That is all my dear one. That’s all you need to do.

We love you for being you.

Who is we?

We’re the love from within you, the love from the Creator,

from the endless depths of the Universe.

That’s it, I feel your defenses weakening. You’re letting down your walls.

The goosebumps are a sign of opening, let us in to fill you with love.

You are so worthy my dear darling and you’re starting to see,

that this worth is from within, from you and me.

There is no other place to find it-not from friends, husbands, or bosses.

This worth is yours to manage, yours to bask in, you have to just let down your walls.

These walls are what you built long ago in childcare.

You felt love when you swept the floors and they raved about what a good girl you were.

So, you made your story about how to feel love, to clean would get you praise,

then you filled up on that praise until the next time you didn’t do something right

and they took that love away.

But this is just your childhood story, it need not be your reality now.

It doesn’t work this way dear love, it never has.

You are loved just as you are.

We all love you, others love you, you love yourself because you’re here.

So break down this wall and this story for good.

Let this page be the only memory of it.

Remove it from your life for good so you can heal it,

you can create a new story of your worthiness, just for being,

of how precious you are to yourself and loved ones,

and to the great cosmos of the Universe.

You are precious, feel it now. Let it in as we say it.

Make this your story.

Dear one, create a new path each day as you wake:

I am worthy as I am for existing, and that’s all I must do today.

Everything else is a bonus, this really is true.

Do it for the fun, do it for others, but never ever do it to find worth or love, whatever you do. Because that’s already here, my dear,

you are already so loved you need never strive for it.

We love you always and unconditionally and your work is just to lay down your defenses. Each day lay them down.

Break open those barriers and let love fill you full.

That is your work my dear, so write it in your planner.

You need only stay open to receive all you want and desire.

Repeat it one more time now: I am worthy for existing, and that’s all I must do today.

Make this your mantra, this is your work.

Do it daily and you’ll see that the defenses fall away with ease,

And the situations you can’t let go of,

They all fall away and you’re left with your own self worth.

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