A Higher Perspective on Love

Updated: Oct 4, 2019

When disrupted by thoughts,

entwined in drama, trapped in fear;

the ego blocks the hearing, feeling and outpouring of love.

Become so full of your own love that it doesn't matter what happens in your day,

you handle it with ease and grace.

The messages of love will come, not only from one place.

Seek the love of the Universe, and drink until full,

by breathing and impressing this loving feeling onto your heart so as to not forget it.

It is so full, so abundant, so ripe,

there is no need to worry or strive in strife.

The love that you crave is unbounded and brave.

It protrudes all boundaries,

and is always working to bring the highest perspective to you.

Fear is a game meant to wash you away from the known sense of love that resides within. Fear has power but we have more.

Let us wash away, wash away, wash away more.

There are four ways to cleanse the heart from fear,

so as to feel the love beneath it here.

Those ways are love, compassion, joy and appreciation.

If one of these feelings can be reached in a pinch,

then the heart will crack open if only just an inch.

I’m listening keep going.

We’re always here, we’re always near.

There is no place you can go that we cannot hear,

your cries for help, your prayers for solace,

there only need be one iota of prowess

for the love you are seeking is breathing and beating

within your own heart,

and it always has been.

So sing and rejoice, for the dance has begun,

when the heart is wide open, life can be fun.

Leaving space for the creation of your dreams and desires,

will open the doors to the fires

of passion and purpose and love.

So let your heart crack, let it break wide open.

Let the fears of a lifetime be left bending and broken,

like the gates of a kingdom left sprawling and open.

The love should flow smoothly,

in and out of the kingdom like your breath flows slowly in and out of your body.

Fill your heart from the love of the entire Universe,

and allow this love to be given with ease and disperse

it to all corners of your world, your loved ones, yourself.

Give freely of love for there will never be a doubt or lack,

there is only more love.

You’ve been gifted with this faucet always overflowing,

there is too much for oneself.

So one must give it with glee,

this love is meant for everyone,

try it, you'll see.

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