Let It Flow Out of Your Life

When flowing upstream against the current,

Listen for the quiet whispers of your heart

Asking for you to release the resistance,

To letting something flow out of your life.

It can be hard to let things go.

If you’ve put a lot of effort or work into something

You may need to look at what you are receiving

In return - stress, worry, anxiety, and woes?

There need not be struggle,

You’ll know when it’s right.

The next steps will come with exaltation.

And when they don’t, its time to be patient.

There’s no rush to replace this thing with another,

A project, a job, a hobby or lover?

The mind rushes in when it feels this great space.

This beautiful opening from within.

If the mind can stay sparse for just a short time,

Without filling this space with effort and strife.

Then we can have time to renew your faith in flow,

And everything that's been wished for can be bestowed.

Bestowed upon you with grace and with ease.

To never feel hurried, worried, or unease.

When these aligned actions come straight from the heart,

You’ll know them, you’ll feel them and divinely you’ll start

Taking steps towards these dreams,

And these dreams will entwine

your purpose, your passion, and plans of the Divine.

So just breathe now dear one,

And let that space open.

Leave it clear, leave it soft,

And create a loving home,

For your dreams and desires

To take root and grow.

There’s never any more than that dear love,

Relax and the path will appear.

So believe in yourself and us,

More deeply than your fear.

Allow space and a little time,

For the Universe to steer.

There will be some effort,

That will feel joyous and fun.

And until that day,

Your work here is done.

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