What To Do When Your Worth is Tied to Your Work

You worth is so much more than what you do.

When your worth is tied up in your ability to succeed,

you will never feel worthy, you will never feel pleased.

For there is no outcome that can be enough

to remind you of your wholeness, your greatness, your expansiveness.

So beloved, please believe us when we say you are more,

than the abilities, the talents, the accolades on your door.

There's so much more to you than this you see,

we see it, why don't you?

We love your outline in the morning as you look toward the sun,

we love your soft whispers to your loved ones as you tuck them in tight,

and your hopeful gaze as you look to the stars before bed at night.

Your feelings, emotions, wisdom, and heart,

all make up this lovely one that we’ve known from the start

Is everything that creation has dreamed of made manifest.

You’re as important to creation as the waves are to the ocean,

As necessary as a locomotive needs to be in motion,

This is where you must trust us and know,

We wouldn't be here if you didn't have so much more wisdom to bestow.

You’ve got time my dear one, you will see in time

That success by your standards, has been here all along.

So feel your worth now, while we shine it on you.

Can you feel it its coming, we feel it, do you?

Your face listening for our words in such a peaceful state,

is the most beautiful thing we've seen all day.

Your worth is your work, to feel this every day,

for when you feel unworthy we aren't able to bring you all you deserve.

You've done enough now dear one, just rest and feel proud,

that the work you've put in now will be heard and be loud

Enough for the heavens to hear, have faith and less fear.

For the knowing is in you, it was all along,

Before success to come to you, you must sing your own song.

Sing your own praises, rejoice in your existence.

Be kind and give yourself everything you would, if you’d had all the success,

That you dream of, because in our eyes, you already have.

Your worth is bestowed on you the day you are born,

for the work of incarnation is all you need do,

just by being alive you are worthy of all the love the you seek,

you are worthy, you are worthwhile, you are adored by us all.

You’re doing the hard work, to experience and learn,

that's what gives you your greatness, and builds others around you,

lifts and inspires, and and love can abound through.

You share all of your love with out greed or just by being you,

You know that we make no mistakes, you are here for a purpose,

for a reason, for goodness sakes.

And you're doing it dear darling, you’re working every day to fulfill these prophecies love,

to bring wisdom to the whole. To collect experiences and lessons.

So if you ever feel unworthy, just ask yourself, am i alive?

If the answer is yes, then you know you need not strive

For anything other than to breathe another day,

For the knowing and the answers are coming to you dear one,

In the deep breaths and the silence.

And as long as you come back here, we’ll fill your heart back to the full line.

We'll remind you of your greatness, every single time.

Because we adore how hard you work and when you get stuck in a tailspin,

we’ll save you we will, so that your will never runs thin.

See we need you dear one, to continue your quest,

to keep going and learning and so do the rest

Of humanity, because each divine soul has a place in the puzzle you see,

And these souls form one magnificent orchestra, where each instrument can be heard,

with the clarity as if they were each playing their own song alone.

How can that be you ask, if they're all playing together?

When one person joins us, it doesn't matter whether,

They play their own song, or the play in tune with all,

we embrace all with the same grace and love for each lesson is needed.

We need more to be whole. You come to learn how to fill a gap, a place in the collective consciousness that needs filling, and there are so many.

There's one for each human, their gifts so unique.

We need each ones experiences and wisdom to climb to the highest peak.

So just by being alive you are fulfilling purpose, you’re living the life that we need

for the consciousness to rise to great heights and you’re an integral part of this.

We believe you are worthy of this great endeavor,

now just believe in yourself, for all you must do is continue,

to follow your path, it will look different that's true.

But so will everyone else's, because their puzzle piece is shaped differently than yours.

But if we needed two of the same piece, what kind of a puzzle would that be.

We need your unique point of view, with its curves and its jagged edges,

so be as you are, you’re perfect for this one space.

Keep learning, keep growing, there is no great race.

We’re all going to end up in the same destination,

so why not enjoy life and collect memories along the way?

There's so much to enjoy on this place you call home,

so much love, so much fun, so many lessons to know.

And if you can’t feel it on that earthly plane,

just know we are grateful for the piece of the puzzle you are working to complete.

So rest now, get cozy, take a seat

My dear one, you are in such a rush but there's no race to be won.

You’ll get there my darling, although there's nowhere to get,

For the work of your lifetime is to lessen regret, and live without boundaries,

Live for the moment and enjoy each last drop, of the love and the joy and the breath

For this lifetime is yours, to make it your own.

Your worth is so much grander than you could have known.

You are a piece of the most intricate puzzle you could ever imagine.

And we need your experiences and lessons in the great book of knowledge.

So go out and make some, to add to our showcase.

There's nothing more to it, there's no competition or race.

Just experience, and love, and wholeheartedly live,

For by doing your work, to us all you will give

Everything that you gain here, everything you learn,

Will continue to spread throughout this plane and more

And remember you’re worthy, just because you are you, we adore you.

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